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Welcome to Thayer Associates Ltd

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Developing Collaborative Solutions as a Strategic Driver for Superior Growth

Thayer Associates enables your business to utilise collaboration as a strategic driver for growth. From Alliance consulting to education services and through to BS11000 Collaborative Business Relationships compliance – Helping you to become smarter faster.

Our experience is in service delivery, collaborative selling, business development and strategic alliance programmes. We apply our skills and experiences across the SME and large corporate sectors helping to bridge the gap to create mutual value for all parties.  We ensure we are targeted to keep things realistic and achievable and ensure outcomes that take us to the next stage of collaborative success.

Thayer Associates uses a collaborative approach to engage and explore mutual value. We seek to identify and work on focused projects for long term benefit as part of your strategic plan. Our Alliance Lifecycle framework helps identify new partnerships to bringing alliances back on track. We can also support you with developing alliance strategy to accreditation of BS11000 Collaborative Business Relationships. Together, we have an approach to meet your business growth needs.


Thayer Associates is flexible and dynamic, has access to experienced alliance skills, ensuring a quality and independent service.  We improve your alliance conversion rate and focus on outcomes, working with you and your business to help you become smarter, faster.


Alliances, partnerships, partners, collaborative relationships, whatever your preferred term, we can help reduce the confusion to help you work together, effectively. Ensuring a common language and framework is in place to reduce inter-departmental and political conflict, essential to become ‘fit to collaborate’.


Keeping it Simple! At Thayer Associates, we look to focus on the most important assets, people. Utilising our six-stage Alliance Lifecycle framework, we work with you to achieve joint objectives by understanding your organisations structure, processes and culture, the strategic direction, risk and goals, to ensure we work with the right organisations who can deliver the mutual  benefits required for growth. 1 and 1 can equal 3!