Common Issues and Challenges

Depending on what you read and where, it is recognised that there are unfortunately high rates of failures of successful alliances or partnerships between companies and this
varies widely dependent on sector or industry. Highlighted below are a few of the more common issues and some of the challenges that we have found companies face
during an alliance lifecycle.

  • Develop recognised and valued Alliance relationship management role to achieve strategic objectives
  • Good Alliance relationship management skills and processes lead to a higher degree of success
  • Consequences of strong alliance relationship skills = greater opportunity and revenue
  • Need for good alliance relationship management processes
  • Important to utilise resource to create the best internal cultural behaviour for alliance relationships
  • Become one of the few companies to have an alliance methodology to foster profitable relationships


At Thayer Associates, we can provide the link to pull together the many challenges from all sides both within your own company and those externally within the partner organisation or other parties.

Let us help to take the strain for you to benefit from more effective alliance relationships.