How We Make It Work

The lifecycle process we utilise consists of six key areas that enables us to work through each step to achieve the desired outcome. This overview highlights the key aspects underneath each step:

  • Identify: market research, review, assessment – strategic & cultural fit
  • Contact: senior management and ops engagement through assignment
  • Form: plan, design, agree value proposition and structure
  • Negotiation: governance; support infrastructure; communication and exit
  • Implement: people, process and organisational structure; value proposition
  • Maintain: qualitative & quantitative review; continuous improvement


Before this process starts however, we carry out an initial business review to assess and understand your organisation to enable us to:

  • Understand current business plan objectives and long term goals
  • Gain a ‘feel’ for the culture – mission, vision and values
  • Level of Risk taking & how its managed
  • Organisational Structure of the teams, types of roles, inter-departmental working, ISO9001, etc.


The Alliance Lifecycle Model (© Thayer Associates Ltd) below shows the stages of partnership from Identification through Engagement and ongoing Maintenance of a partnership.