Partner Workshops


If the partnership model is one that your business would benefit from, then this focused session looks at the some of the following elements:

  • Existing partnerships health check
  • Partnerships strategy
  • Financial return versus forecast
  • Process and Organisation review

These facilitated sessions, engage with the board, senior management and operational staff to help gain a full understanding of where support may be required.

The output provides an outline of the findings and is the start of your Relationship Management Plan. This is to ensure steps are put in place to develop a consistent partner mentality within the business and with your partners.

Alliance Clinics

These sessions provide a chance for you to engage in a facilitated or brokered workshop with your targeted partners.

These sessions are specifically for you and your strategic partners to engage and work through a programme to enhance the existing relationships, improve conversion results, culture and behaviour.

Output of these sessions can be many but having set out the joint objectives, timeframes and governance from the outset, these sessions are designed to take away focussed objectives to execute improved outputs to existing partnerships and to developing new alliance relationships.

Furthermore, we scope out the path to implement BS11000 Collaborative Business Relationships that can be taken through to Certification stage so as you can demonstrate your business if fit to collaborate!

Collaboration for Growth and BS11000 Workshop

This workshop will help you understand what collaboration is about and importantly, how to profit from it.

In addition, it will also provide you a level of awareness and understanding of the BS11000 Collaborative Business Relationships standard and help you to layout-out the business case and strategic framework to establish and improve collaborative relationships in your business.

In summary, we will help you unlock the benefits to collaborative working and understand what is required to become ‘Fit to Collaborate’.

Furthermore, we will provide you an invaluable take-away, packed with information to help you establish and develop an action plan and business case for your business.

By the end of the workshop can expect to understand:

  • Where collaboration can benefit your business
  • How BS 11000 can be used as a model of best practice
  • How BS 11000 certification can be leveraged
  • What you must do to equip the business to collaborate effectively
  • Identify sources of expertise and support to help implement an effective alliance strategy for your business


Overview of Services:

  • Alliance identification & implementation
  • Bringing alliances back on track
  • Alliance lifecycle process and methods
  • BS11000 Implementation & Accreditation
  • Alliance Management / Business Development
  • Developing alliance teams
  • Alliance consulting & coaching